Starting the week with a finished knit!

Whippoorwill by Carina Spencer has been in my Ravelry favourites for some time. I’ve been admiring lots of the projects with their great use of colour and mulling over the beauty of the simple ‘feather & fan’ edging without ever really intending to actually knit one for myself. Until a serendipitous meeting of two skeins of yarn on my knitting ‘table’ (the messy jumble of books, yarn and half knit socks that live on the wooden blanket box next to the sofa in the sitting room) made me think maybe this might be the perfect project…

The mousey mole brown is the skein of Shetland Lace from Well Manor Farm that I bought after much deliberation at Knit Nation last year – specifically to go with the gorgeous ‘Auld Gold’ Babylonglegs yarn that became my ‘Different Lines’ shawl. They didn’t work together and the Shetland, as wonderful as it was, got put to one side. The sandy gold is a cone of Habu Texrtiles ‘A-1 2/17 Tsumugi Silk’ bought on a whim with no particular project in mind but frankly who can resist silk on a cone!

I spied them in close proximity one evening and something just clicked!

It was a quick knit, with plenty of interest – although I did have a couple of later-than-strictly-sensible nights intent on getting to the end of a row of 400+ stitches of feather and fan pattern!

These photos are an illustration of the power of ‘blocking’. That mysterious transformation of knitwear achieved with soaking/steaming and a plethora of pins.

Pre-blocked shawl, finished and ready for a quick soak…

Soaked for 20 minutes in tepid water with a splash of Eucalan (gotta love a no-rinse wool wash!) then pinned to a folded bath towel – one of these days I’ll invest in some proper blocking mats and T-pins, until that day comes a folded bath towel and some dressmaking pins will have to do…


Wrinkles gone and the true beauty of the edging pattern revealed for the first time. Lace knitting is truly rewarding with its magical ability to transform at the very end…

I like it!

All ravelled here

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