Duck egg red…

There’s a new internet ‘phenomenon’ taking the knitting, design & craft blogs by storm (with a little controversy thrown in for good measure!) … Have you been ‘pinning’??

Pinterest is a kind of virtual notice board, a way of keeping track of all the beautiful things you stumble upon on your internet travels and organising them for future reference. See a picture of the perfect lace shawl? Pin it… Spy a hair-do you quite fancy? Pin it… Spot the kitchen of your dreams? Pin it… simple. And of course, it’s quite addictive! It’s no Ravelry – for me anyway – quite yet, but I can see the potential for yet more wasted happy hours spent perusing other people’s pins and adding to my own.

The controversy surrounds the ethical and legal issues associated with grabbing content that belongs to someone else and displaying it. I’m not sure this is the place to debate the ins and outs of copyright and the internet (I am sure there are numerous PhD theses being slaved over as I type that do it a lot better  than I could ever hope to) but while the jury is still out it’s probably benefiting from the extra publicity!

I’ve noticed, by virtue of my various recent pins that I seem to have a new favourite colour combination! Of course, I would never be unfaithful to my beloved greens, golds & greys… but it seems that duck egg blue and red are slowly making their presence felt. I collected all my random blue/red pins together on one Pinterest board today – nice…

Little splashes are already present in the Meadow Yarn home and wardrobe…

as evidenced in my Splashes of Colour post last week…

What next I wonder? Shawl, cardigan, shoes… 😉

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