Introducing Monsieur Agnes

The sun shone today! So we snuck off early, kite and scooters in the boot of the car, to the coast. More precisely to Aldeburgh, home to this…

It’s “Scallop” by local artist Maggi Hambling. A stainless steel sculpture on the beach which courts its share of controversy. We love it though 😉

It’s great for climbing on and every visit prompts a discussion about the quote that is inscribed around the edge…

“I hear those voices that will not be drowned” from Peter Grimes the Benjamin Britten opera. Britten was a resident in Aldeburgh for many years and is buried in the local church cemetery. Incidentally, the sculpture itself was engineered by an Aldeburgh family firm… and one of the family members just happens to be a very very talented knitter & friend of mine 😉

The outing was also perfect for one of the latest projects ‘off the needles’. After wearing my Agnes pretty much non-stop since finishing it, a request was received for a ‘man version’. Happy to oblige I cast on with the much loved Lopi and with pretty amazing alacrity Monsieur Agnes was complete!

Perfect for beach lounging on a slightly chilly Spring day. I followed the basic instructions for the largest size and added extra length in the body and a longer welt below the pockets. It worked out fine!

Just the thing for kite-flying. Complete with cheeky contrasting pockets to keep precious beach treasure safe in…

Known locally as ‘Hag’ stones, if you string them through the hole and hang them up outside doors and windows, they are reputed to ward off witches!

(His & Hers – ssshhh, no one will notice 😉 )

With the sun dipping behind the shell and a piece of locally caught fish wrapped up for supper we had one last game of ‘see how many pebbles you can whizz off the shell’ before heading home.

The new Season is almost upon us… I can feel it in the air.

(Monsieur Agnes Ravelled here)

6 thoughts on “Introducing Monsieur Agnes

  1. Hi Anj… what a lovely post… I have only recently found your blog… it’s a good find! I have very similar pictures of us at the same spot… and have Hag stones hung up all over the place! I’m thinking that you must live quite close to us…sadly I live only half time in Suffolk….I’ll be popping back :)x

  2. Lovely, evocative post, great jumpers too! I have some Lopi I ordered from you, seeing these pics makes me want to get knitting with it even more!

    • I can highly recommend chunky yarn on 8.00mm needles if you want to look like a speed knitting champion 😉 ‘Mother’s Day’ scarf on skinny needles on the other hand… not a chance it’ll be finished in time!!

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