Beginnings & mid points

We’ve been treated, on this the Vernal equinox, to a perfect glimpse of days to come. Bright sunshine, warm on the face. Warm enough to sit outside, with friends, cups of tea in hand under a blue sky and chat about plans for the months to come.

The boys spending time with a home-ed friend, running, poking damp earth with sticks, exploring a yurt and a converted railway carriage… our friends are making a wonderful and unique home for themselves in a beautiful spot nearby.

We shared favourite authors and books that our boys have enjoyed, contemplated the possibility of foreign languages and artistic endeavours but mostly just enjoyed watching them being boys outside in the fresh air…

We admired a recently completed and truly beautiful art commission and contemplated flying RC planes (the grown-up ‘boys’!) We talked about how  boys are so much easier to wear out once the days are longer and warmer and just how ready we all are for the warmth of the sun, even after this relatively mild winter.

The first day of Spring, our favourite ‘beginning’  but also the mid-point between the shortest and longest days of the year, surely the perfect day to contemplate what we’ve achieved, where we’d like to be, what our plans are. The possibility of new places and spaces looming large in our minds… and all around us things springing into life.

So glad that Spring is finally here in spirit and in the air…

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