We’ve just had another big delivery of the gorgeous Hjertegarn Lima wool which means we’ve now got 26 shades to choose from! They’re not all photographed and up in the shop yet but they will be in the next day or so…

When a range gets that big the possibilities suddenly seem infinite and I’ve found myself contemplating a fairly major project that’s been brewing in the nether regions of my imagination for a while. Yep, I’m embarking on another crochet blanket. Not for a wee baby this time but a big one for us… A full-on king size throw/blanket for our bed, for winter snuggles on the sofa and for brightening up those long grey days in front of the fire.

I’ve been collecting blankets and throws in my Ravelry favourites as I’ve come across them – they are often things of great beauty that I can’t resist saving – and I think the time has come to embark on a journey myself. I’m thinking crochet (rather than knit) as I like that vintage vibe that a crochet throw has and I also think I’m probably set on stripes (rather than squares or hexagons – the weaving in of ends on even a baby blanket nearly did for me!!) but mostly so far I’ve been contemplating colour…

Whether to try for a sophisticated combination of brights and neutrals incorporating my beloved mustard and orange…

A classic ‘Shetland’ style throw of heathered browns, creams and greys?

Subtle teals and blues?

Zingy brights…

Or something else entirely…

(Not my usual palette but so many gorgeous pinks and purples that compliment each other so well…)

Hmmm… maybe I should try to pin down the pattern and let those colours swirl around in those cerebral nether regions for a while 😉

2 thoughts on “Temptation…

  1. Oh my goodness how lovely to be contemplating such a gorgeous project! Have you seen all the squares for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2012 on my blog… now there IS inspiration! I’m looking forward to seeing what you decide on :)x

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