Potato Planting Day

We have been blessed with amazing weather these past few days. Spirits are lifted, the washing line is in constant use and garden furniture has been dusted off in anticipation of a fine, dry, warm weekend. More importantly, however, the growing season is upon us once more.

At this time of year seed trays and pots start to accumulate on windowsills, the cold frame is washed and cleared out ready for seedlings and one of our favourite crops is set to ‘chit’.

These ugly-bugly tubers with their strange little purple sprouts are set to turn into one of our favourite culinary delights… the Jersey Royal!

Except we can’t call them that, ‘cos we’re not in Jersey and we’ve not got Her Majesty’s seal but hey, they are ‘International Kidney’ variety and if they were in Jersey they’d be ‘Jersey Royals’ no less.

Given that we’re significantly further north than the Channel Islands and quite a bit further east they won’t be ready to eat as early as the ‘official’ ones  but we don’t mind waiting 😉

Today was decreed ‘Potato Planting Day’ so we tramped down to the allotment under a blue sky, with tubers and tools in hand.

Laid out in neat rows, ready to be sunk into the newly dug earth

With a little help of course…

We’ll be watching out for the green shoots, ready to earth them up into mounds full of promise. There really is nothing more satisfying than digging up potatoes and taking them home for a quick wash before boiling in a pan and smothering with salty butter… yum!

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