With sun shining and the clocks forward, yesterday was decreed ‘Trampoline Day’. A major investment last summer,  we decided when the weather got just too cold and wet for bouncing last Autumn that we would take it down and pack it away to keep it fresh – both physically and in the boys’ minds. Besides, there’s nothing more depressing than looking out at a forlorn, soggy, leaf covered trampoline through Winter!

The frenzy this last week has approached fever pitch at times as the count down to ‘Trampoline Day’ commenced! As promised the day dawned bright and Chris got to work, with some help of course…

Nearly there… and who needs the safety net to be actually attached before the first test run!!

With only a small amount of bad language and one minor set back the deed was done…

It seemed only right to invite over some lovely friends to share the first bounce of the season and of course where there are friends there really should be cake too…

It’s this Chocolate and Earl Grey cake that I spotted recently via Pinterest. I don’t have a fancy Bundt tin so a spring form cake tin had to do and it stuck a little around the edges but it was really very nice! Moist in the middle with a light crisp to the lightly dusted top. Yum… after cake and tea (earl grey of course) we indulged in a small glass of something chilled while the 6 children blatantly ignored the safety instructions advising only 1 bouncer at a time and no somersaults – a healthy conversation about ‘compensation culture’ ensued 😉

One thought on “sprung

  1. That cake looks amazing. I think I have a bundt pan gathering dust in the attic. Might have to dig it out. {My springform pan causes general mayhem when I try to take a cake out of it.} I love your photography and blog!

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