Shop announcements…

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first shall we? You may have seen the news yesterday that Royal Mail prices are rising next week. We’d been kept very much in the dark by RM recently who kindly kept informing us with copious junk mail-outs that the prices were about to go up but didn’t actually tell us by how much and which services would be most affected. It now transpires that they were waiting for the go-ahead from the regulator to run rampant through the business parcel post services hiking them astronomically – particularly to Europe and the Rest of the World (as it’s known in RM parlance!)

We’re going to give it a week to weigh up the true cost to us but there’s absolutely no doubt that our P&P to all destinations will have to go up on the 10th April. This is, I can promise you, just to keep the balance sheet vaguely sensible. We’ve always kept our P&P charges to the absolute minimum and will continue to do so. Of course, I’ll let you know what the increases will be as soon as we’ve digested the full implications of the rises. In the meantime, you have 10 days or so to take advantage of the current rates…

Secondly – and with the above bad news in mind – we’ve got a couple of real treats for you in the shop! How do you fancy some lovely Spring knitting in the sunshine? Would it be even nicer with a generous discount? Thought so… while stocks last (so you’d better be quick!) Manos del Uruguay Serena (a lovely Pima Cotton/Alpaca blend) and Manos del Uruguay Lace (Alpaca/Silk/Cashmere) are both reduced to clear with 25% OFF! Both are gorgeous yarns, perfect for shawls, lightweight tops and other Spring/Summer projects so head over and take a look…

Manos del Uruguay Serena

Manos del Uruguay Lace

We’re sorry to see them go but exciting new arrivals mean our tiny space is under pressure once more!

There are a few odd balls of Noro sock yarn lurking at silly prices while you’re there too 😉

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