Knitter’s Block

“I’ve got ‘knitter’s block'”, I declared to Chris this afternoon… to which he duly replied, ‘Isn’t that something good you do to your knitting when it’s finished?’ – See, proof he does pay attention occasionally!

I have the itch… the itch to cast on. I feel the need for a new slouchy sweater, possibly a loose fitting cardi, I’ve a mind to knit a nephew something sweet and of course little ‘sis is waiting on a cardigan for a significant birthday that has already past (I’m waiting on the imminent Hazel Knits delivery for that one!)

I’ve browsed the interwebs – well Ravelry and a couple of other favourite haunts – for inspiration and come up with a veritable treasure trove of ‘must knit’ projects only to be thwarted. Not quite got the right yarn available (and seriously can’t justify going any further afield than the Meadow Yarn ‘shed’ these days), not quite the right shape, too heavy, too lightweight, maybe I just liked the photos, not the sweater… the list of reasons not to cast on each pattern I find right now seems endless. This itch seems determined not to be scratched! And that’s just not like me… I will endeavour to find a resolution this evening and of course will keep you informed!

In other news, scarf progression is good and mum might well be in receipt in time for Easter (by which time we will no doubt have been plunged back into scarf weather).

After doodling and dabbling with lace patterns and graph paper – which was a lot of fun – I turned back to a tried and tested favourite. Veronik Avery’s Lace Ribbon scarf has been a successful gift in the past and is such an easy pleasurable knit, I couldn’t resist in the end…




In other news, the Ribes (flowering currant) is in full bloom – always a sure sign that Spring has Sprung and so nice to have a couple of sprigs on the table in our favourite Victorian Marmalade jar (which we dug up from behind the woodshed in our garden last year!)


Just a shame it smells vaguely of cat pee…

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