I just noticed that I marked this project as ‘finished’ in my Ravelry notebook back in December – and it’s true I have been wearing it lots since then!

It’s turned into a bit of a favourite, being easy to wear over all sorts of slightly tatty t-shirts!

It’s another ‘Veera‘ pattern – you can see I am a fan – and has a lovely reverse stocking stitch neck band and cuffs that finish off the drapy, pleated body wonderfully.

And finally, after 3 months of wear, 3 months of being ‘finished’… it has its button 😉

Knit in Artesano Hummingbird DK (snaffled from our clearance sale where it was looking forlorn, who doesn’t love shades of orange though!?)

It’s Ravelled here

One thought on “‘finished’

  1. Ah thank you for sharing this gorgeous pattern.

    I have downloaded and will definately make as it is great being from top down, (never worked in this way) as you can make everything longer/shorter if you wish.

    I love sock yarns as you get such gorgeous choices in self dying now too.

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