satisfying the itch

First… just because we’re heading into a knitting long weekend (what else are they for??) some eye candy for you. There really is nothing nicer than unpacking a large box of yarn from Hazel Knits


66 skeins of a-maz-ing colour! Including 4 new shades which will be photographed later today. It’s already being parcelled up and sent out (I think some of you must have Hazel Knits radars installed on your computers) so if you’ve been waiting don’t delay!

After saying that I’d got itchy fingers but couldn’t find the perfect thing to cast on, inspiration struck (of course!). I snuck some ‘reduced to clear’ (like broken biscuits, sale yarn doesn’t count, right?) Manos Serena out of the stock room and cast on Organic.


Yarn availability made the colour choice straightforward and I think I am going to leave off the ruffle on this occasion but am contemplating the possibility of another ‘ruffled’ version in a bright green… maybe??

It’s the first time I’ve encountered a new method for working saddle shoulders / set in sleeves from the top down and it’s a fabulous way of working!

It’s become known – in Ravelry parlance – as the ‘Contigious’ method and was, I believe, developed by The Stitch Wrangler. It’s a simple – once you know how! – way of using short rows and increases to turn the fabulous corner a saddle shoulder or set in sleeve requires when knitting from the top down in one-piece! Very very cool (as the kids would say 😉 )

There’s a whole Ravelry group of devotees and a raft of patterns emerging utilising the technique – go on, give it a go!


Happy Egg Hunting everyone… and I hope the sun shines on your needles, wherever you may be 😉

3 thoughts on “satisfying the itch

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