Wow… it’s Wednesday already!

In time honoured tradition, a long weekend has left me in a state of confusion and general disarray (even more so than usual!) and wondering how it can possibly be Wednesday evening already… maybe I’ll have caught up with myself by the weekend but in the meantime…

Today I have mostly been:

~ enjoying the Rose Knits tote that I pinched from the store room gave myself for Easter, (as well as instead of  chocolate 😉 )

~ my Organic sweater is enjoying the tote too.

~ enjoying some alfresco knitting after a very damp, cold & grey weekend. With a little helper, can you see her?

~ realising that now the long awaited Hazel Knits delivery is here I really do have to work out the pattern and start knitting the cardigan I promised Little Sis’ for her significant birthday (that was – ahem – in March). Having given her free reign she is adamant that she wants a big version of the lovely vintage cardigan I knitted for little Meg at Christmas. The ‘journey’ may well be a blog saga… watch this space!

~ finding out about High Altitude Balloons after our neighbours found a crashed one in a field near our village. I think the boys might have a new geek-hobby!

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