Mr Meadow Yarn had a birthday this week. We don’t make much of a fuss of each other as a general rule, in part because we’re frugal but I suspect it’s about mutual laziness as well! There were a few little parcels to unwrap… fancy seed packets and some nice wooden plant labels and he was showered with garden centre & nursery tokens by his parents and his in-laws so the occasion wasn’t completely ignored πŸ˜‰

In addition, given that the socks he’s been expecting to roll off the needles since before Christmas still haven’t progressed much further than this…

I thought maybe an interim solution might be in order!

Simple ribbed socks, made from a Corrymoor Mohair / Nylon blend that promises to be hard wearing, warm and machine washable. I know I could’ve pulled my finger out and finished the alpaca socks that are in progress but I’ve actually had these ‘Goat Socks’ on my mind for a while now. I first came across Selina Scott’s version (didn’t you know… she’s now a goat farmer!) and then saw these while browsing the Wiggly Wigglers web site. The claims for the longevity of the socks alone are enough to make them worth a go – Chris makes holes in ALL his socks, whether store-bought or hand knitted, which can be just a little bit depressing… especially when contemplating the knitting-hours required to produce a pair! I shall let you know how they fare πŸ˜‰

We snuck off for the afternoon as well. Down to the coast at Bawdsey, where the river Deben meets the sea…

The weather map showed little splodges of rain here and there… clearing a bit towards the coast… hmmm…

This is the boys, racing back to the car park after we ventured onto the beach in a ‘bright’ spell… The littlest is very much further away – can you see the little red dot in the distance? He needed to be rescued when the skies let forth yet another torrent of rain and both he and I got just a little wet en route to the car! By the way, if anyone knows what the stuff in the foreground is (some sort of seaweed, sponge or similar?) let me know, the boys are keen to identify it and we’re struggling!

You can’t really see the rain in that picture… but you get the general idea!

The view across the estuary through the windscreen when we got back to the car was less ambiguous πŸ˜‰

That isn’t blue sky at the top of the shot by the way… just the effect of the sun visor strip that ‘vintage’ Volvos have at the top of the screen. And if anyone should bump into ‘Spring’ out and about this weekend, send it our way! We’ve had enough of this ‘drought’ now!

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