Weekend treat!

Sometimes wonderful little moments just happen with no planning..

with the sun shining and the boys smiling suddenly every thing’s all right with the world…

Delivering some of Nancy’s amazing bread as a favour on our way home from a morning hanging our with ‘the gang’, we came across these delightful orphan lambs being hand reared to help out a local farmer… and they were due a feed! Our littlest already has his future farm mapped out (many many tractors, pigs, cows and now sheep too – oh, and a ‘dog for Grandad’) so he was absolutely over the moon to ‘milk a lamb’ as he kept telling us all afternoon… yes, he’s going to need to straighten out the milk-in / milk-out thing at some point!

All this after Tom and his buddy had spent a wonderful morning at Minsmere RSPB bird reserve checking out their new Discovery Centre;

Meanwhile, back in the warm, Nancy bestowed amazing bread and patisserie on her customers, I sipped Latte, ate ‘Bostock (wow!!), chatted and the younger of the clan played happily for a couple of hours. The perfect Saturday morning…

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