At last! Some sun to show off a finished knit

After what has felt like WEEKS of solid, torrential rain – and it’s been cold, oh so cold – today we finally saw the sun again, unbroken for hours and warm too. Not a moment too soon I say! The boys bounced and scootered and climbed and ran (and wrestled and battled but we’ll gloss over that) until they were exhausted and I pottered through my usual chaotic Monday of dispatching and catching up with emails and phone calls feeling light hearted and cheered. It is truly amazing the restorative powers of the sun… just when it felt like we may never see it again.

It also presented an opportunity to grab some photos of my latest finished knit…

(and a new haircut 😉 )

It’s ‘Organic’ – without the ruffle – as introduced here. Using the ‘contigious’ method which creates a saddle shoulder or set in sleeve while knitting in one piece from the top down, it was a very quick knit. Less than a month from start to finish in a light DK (Manos del Uruguay ‘Serena’) which was lovely to work with… but I knew that already as I used it for my ‘earth & sky’ shawl.

I like it! The fit is good, the shaping is nice around the neckline and shoulders and it’s very easy to wear.


I’m very tempted to cast on another one, this time with the ruffle and in something a lot brighter!

Details Ravelled here.

Pattern: Organic (sort of!) by Fallmasche.

Yarn: Manos del Uruguay ‘Serena’

3 thoughts on “At last! Some sun to show off a finished knit

  1. Love the jumper. I will be starting my first ever top down “top” after being inspired by your lovely Turmeric blog. This is another lovely jumper which looks good with or without a ruffle.

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