Slow, slow, quick…

Progress on the ‘sister cardigan’ has been hampered somewhat – mostly by my own inability to memorise and keep to a simple 4 row pattern repeat… there’s been almost as much knitting backwards as there has knitting forwards at times and decisions over waist shaping have added to the sense of going faster in the wrong direction than the right direction! But, we’re getting there…

We have a body…

The lace pattern is pleasing to the eye and – with a little more concentration than I’ve been applying – easy to jog through…

and we have sleeves!

a whole other sleeve has been speedily knit since I took these photos thanks to some teeny, tiny circular needles that have revolutionised my attitude towards sleeve knitting! It’s always been my cardigan nemesis, the endless round and round, the fiddly dpns (and associated ugly ladders) or the faffing with magic looping – which has to be my least favourite knitting technique… but these 30cm Addi ‘sock’ needles are a miracle! The perfect length for the 60 or 70 sleeve stitches usually required, the stitches just whizz past,  I would go so far as to say it’s addictive… just one more round, OK, maybe two, then I’ll put the kettle on/hang the washing out/make the kids some tea/go to bed… You get the general idea! (I’m not sure the rest of the family are quite so keen on my new discovery 😉 )

I think, and customer feedback has also suggested, that these needles are too long to be good sock needles (although they do come even shorter!) but for sleeves, they are truly wonderful. I will never view sleeve knitting with the same sense of impending boredom again.

As for the cardigan, there’s still the tricky matter of the ‘make it up as you go along’ yoke to tackle… hence a lot of mathematical squiggles and – no doubt – a little bit of bad language and backwards knitting to come…

And did I mention the yarn? As always, Hazel Knits Artisan Sock is a dream to work with and the colour (Pacific) is perfect…

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