Fair weather…

It seems I may be guilty of ‘fair weather blogging’!! It’s been a while… and it’s been grey and wet and grim… again!

And then this happened…

See that? That’s a shadow, which means there was actual SUN!!

We grabbed the moment and a picnic and headed off to an amazing stretch of coast near us…

Covehithe… with the Benacre nature reserve nestled behind a stretch of wonderful sand, revealed by a low tide.

It’s a coast line which has suffered – and is still suffering – from massive erosion and the beach is strewn with ancient tree stumps…

which have been carved and moulded by the sea into amazing sculptures…

Can you see the Ostrich peaking through the roots? Fabulous!

It’s home to some amazing bird life too;

We spotted a Marsh Harrier, Ringed Plover and lots of Sand Martens… but no Avocets.

It’s also a very good spot to just kick off your shoes and play!

There really is nothing nicer than feeling the sand between your toes…

We’re back to grey, cold and a bit wet today and just very thankful that we seized the day… please let there be another one soon!

2 thoughts on “Fair weather…

  1. Gosh, I hope Sara is right about the weather!

    Anj, you have won my Sarah Raven giveaway. If you could email me your details then I can pass them on to the folks at Sarah Raven and they will send you your pelargoniums. Congratulations!

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