You may have noticed that we snuck off last week. Off to the Lakes for a week, with my sister and her family for a bit of R&R, to chill out, kick back and enjoy some time with the boys and their cousins amidst some beautiful scenery…

It was wet… not quite as wet as it’s possible to be in the UK but not far off it! Still, we did somehow manage to:

Scooter, cycle, paddle in the river, learn to skim stones, ride on steam trains… and boats, walk in forests, catch fish (with bottle traps) and attempt to catch fish (with a rod and line), eat lots of lovely food, play footie, watch Euro footie (we don’t have a TV at home so this is a special treat!), love all the wild Foxgloves, admires views, get caught up in the magic of Swallows & Amazons, spot Herdwick sheep on the hills, learn about Donald Campbell and the Bluebird, wear socks, boots and Lopi jumpers… in June, drive through very deep puddles, hunt for red squirrels (unsuccessful), drink tea (lots), cuddle small cousins (lots), knit (a bit), swing on rope swings, eat ice creams, and so much more…

Some of you may be thinking that the trip to the Lakes must have coincided with a trip to Woolfest… well, better planning might have made that a possibility (ahem!) but as it turned out we drove up the M6 towards the Lakes just in time to pass all the amazing exhibitors driving out of the Lakes in the other direction – sigh – maybe next year!

And can you believe, I managed to go the whole week without passing a single yarn store!! Shocking, a really must plan our next break with a little more care and attention…

3 thoughts on “Break…

    • Yep – I consoled myself with the money saving aspect of not making it to Woolfest as well! Maybe next year we’ll try to go as stall holders… that could work on lots of levels 😉

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