Almost too nice to give away…

I finished a couple of rather lovely knits just in time for our recent holiday. Which was just as well, as they were birthday gifts for my sister and the scrumptious Meg, who turned ONE a couple of weeks ago!

You may recall I had a moment of weakness madness extreme generosity and gave my sister a ‘Cardigan Voucher’ for her significant (ahem) birthday earlier this year. After much deliberation she decided the only one that would do was a bigger version of the vintage cardi I knitted baby Meg for her first Christmas. Hmmm…. I’ve always thought she was the awkward sister (there are only us two 😉 ) and frankly this proved it 😀

So, I spent some time with a calculator, graph paper, my tongue poking out of the corner of my mouth (concentrating) and a furrowed brow and set forth to make a cardigan ‘Like Meg’s but Bigger’.

And not content with one crazy knitting deadline, I thought I might just be able to squeeze out another tiny cardi in time for our big meet-up in the Lakes…


Both were received with much excitement and fanfare and I don’t think it was just polite (sis wore hers every day of the holiday and Meg would have too if it weren’t for some misdirected postprandial ‘re-gurge’ (Sorry! Too much info, I know!! It was, at least, her own…)

They were both a pleasure to knit (no, really!) and it was, frankly, only the fact that my sister is rather more petite than myself (I couldn’t squeeze my broad shoulders into the cardigan!) that stopped me from keeping hers for myself…

‘Like Meg’s but Bigger’ – as it has been imaginatively named – was knit from the bottom up (to give me a long time to think about how to deal with the shoulders and neck) and was amazingly a very simple knit. The lace pattern is simple and repetitive with long stretches of stocking stitch between to contemplate size issues, waist shaping and other things not relevant when knitting the baby version.

I found some vintage buttons in my collection that were absolutely the perfect shade of pale sea green/blue to go with the Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in ‘Pacific’ and whaddya know… a plan came to together and I am very very pleased with the results.

You never know, I might even knit another one of these for myself… if only it didn’t mean either shrinking or doing all the maths again from scratch!

Meg’s little cardigan is ‘Leonie‘ by Dani Sunshine, written with Lioness Arts yarn in mind but equally suited to the amazing Babylonglegs Semi-precious in ‘Boss Moss’ that I happened to have to hand.


A lovely, lovely little knit that I am sure I will revisit in larger sizes as Meg grows. I even learnt a wonderful new-to-me stretchy bind-off which has already been used elsewhere and was worth making the effort to stop knitting and research on t’interwebs rather than just blasting ahead with my normal not-very-stretchy-at-all bind off 😉

Wow! What a lot of knitting squeezed into one little blog post!

All Ravelled here and here


3 thoughts on “Almost too nice to give away…

  1. Next time attach a clause to your ‘voucher’ that says only available on printed patterns or something! 😉 But seriously, they’re both gorgeous cardigans and how amazing that you were able to scale it up. My brain wouldn’t cope with it, that’s for sure! 🙂

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