Jamieson & Smith ‘Heritage’

I just ‘re-blogged’  (for the first time ever!*) a post from J&S announcing the launch of their new Heritage yarn. Wow! Designed to ‘recreate the the original characteristics of handspun ‘wursit’ used in old Fair Isle garments’ they say. I say, I want to cast on all the Fair Isle things! I am a big fan of Shetland wool – and I still rue daily the fact that we don’t stock any… must put that right!

This looks like being a fabulous yarn. Shown in just 6 shades that manage to encapsulate all my absolute favourite colours… the perfect red, the perfect plum, a lovely peaty brown, a soft yellowy gold and indigo of course. along with a classic white to set them all off.

I’m trying to resist but I’m pretty sure it will be futile… and I bet Kate is already working her magic with it as I type!

* I’m not sure about ‘re-blogging’… it feels a bit like pinching someone else’s hard work but if it’s spreading the word then I hope they’re good with that!

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