Lace Ribbon…

A while back (quite a while…) my mum asked nicely if I would knit her another scarf. Having tentatively knit her a Lace scarf in some amazing NDS Precious Silk last year, I thought it high time I persauded her that ‘wool’ no longer means rough, scratchy, fibre-shedding stuff that will torment the delicate soul and prove unwearable. 😉

She had in mind a warm burnt orange/terracotta to co-ordinate with a particular jacket so I rifled through our selection of oranges and came up with a couple of gorgeous options. Both the NDS Dazzling and the Scheherazade are ‘woolly’ rather than pure silk but I felt sure I could get ‘no wool’ mum to agree to either…

Sure enough, she went for the Baby Camel blend (like me she is drawn to the good things in life!!) and off I set…

Having contemplated an original design I did eventually go back to an old favourite. I’ve knit Veronik Avery’s Lace Ribbon before and the patten is a simple pleasure to work. Just enough repetition to mean not too much concentration required but enough interest to keep a knitter plodding on to the end of the skein…

Modelled by me… hopefully I’ll see the recipient in time for the next lot of ‘scarf weather’ to arrive!!

As you’d expect, the NDS yarn was truly lovely to work with…

All Ravelled here

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