Today was (apparently) the hottest day of the year so far. It certainly felt hot in my little shed this morning and as Middle Child had a routine ophthalmology appointment at the hospital in the BIG CITY (Norwich 😉 ) late this afternoon we thought we might sneak off a bit early and take a picnic to a nearby country park where there are all manner of water fowl as well as yachts, wind surfers and opportunities to dip toes into water. This also served the purpose of being a bit of a ‘softener’ for aforementioned Middle Child who is not altogether keen on the routine Ophthalmology appointments he has to suffer twice a year.

So we wandered along the edge of Whitlingham Great Broad and picnicked. It was *hot*. We found a shady bench… and then our planet shifted, as its prone to do and our bench wasn’t shady any more… even knitting (alpaca socks) was starting to feel a little unbearable. We still had a half hour or so to pass before we needed to head over to the hospital but the children were mutinying. Feet were ‘sore’ shoulders were drooping and voices were moving up into the frequency that qualifies as a ‘whinge’ .

I huffed and puffed a bit about how moments like this  – with swans and geese and boats and water and the SUN – are few and far between and how it seemed a shame to spend that spare half hour sat in the hospital car park waiting for our appointment time to arrive… on deaf ears, as they say.

So we headed off to the hospital and as we rounded the corner towards the out-patients car park, past A&E… we spied… the Air Ambulance! On the helipad! With pilots performing checks, making last minute adjustments and clearly on manoeuvres! Now… ducks, geese, boats and water may be, in my mind’s eye, the makings of the perfect summer day but any other mother of 3 boys out there will verify that what is really needed is a big shiny helicopter, up close, with pilots slamming doors and starting engines. Just in time for us to park up, hop out and witness the take-off…

We did of course spare a thought for whoever had just been rushed into A&E courtesy of the Air Ambulance… what a truly amazing service they operate… and we were very lucky to witness their take-off routine just before our (thankfully routine!) appointment.

One thought on “Routine…

  1. Haha, my lot once witnessed an air sea rescue, with the helicopter landing quite near where we sat on some Devon cliffs … they’re pretty much all grown up and they still talk about it now, the girls as well as the boys!

    Visiting your blog is dangerous … I always end up wandering over to the box of delights that is your shop!

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