Sunshine stripes

Back in ‘Spring’ when the days were long and cold and wet and gloomy one of the sales reps that visits us recommended a really good value Cotton yarn from Schoeller & Stahl. Record 210 is not only excellent value but comes in a positive rainbow of shades right across the spectrum and includes perfect pinks, oranges, reds and turquoises.

The delivery duly arrived a week or so ago and I was won over. The little ‘sausages’ of colour are tempting indeed and after we’d photographed them it seemed only right to nab the balls we’d used to test the yarn ‘properly’ šŸ˜‰

I’ve been whittling down my cardigan choice bit by bit but still haven’t made a final decision and so grabbing a nice chunky crochet hook and setting about ‘testing’ the new cotton seems the perfect thing to do. What’s more with the sun shining and the heat rising crocheting cotton is suddenly a lot more appealing than plodding slowly up the leg of the endless Alpaca Socks (the ones I’ve promised I’ll finish before I start anything else… ahem)!

I’m using Lucy’s Granny Stripe pattern – a lovely rhythmical double row of each colour in a simple series of ‘triples’…. Whoosh down the first row and speed back up the second. It’s positively flying by! If you’re not already a reader of Lucy’s lovely blog Attic 24 then I suggest you head over now and prepare to be dazzled by her amazing eye for colour and her wonderful crochet.

Since I took these photos at the weekend I’ve added another half dozen shades at least! I’m not putting too much thought into choosing what comes next, it’s almost a lucky dip (although I did balk at purple following orange) so we’ll see what we end up with! Either a rainbow of candy stripes or ‘clown barf’ – who knows šŸ˜‰

I made an initial chain of 240 (as did Lucy) and the blanket is the width of our 2-seater sofa. Perfect for snuggling under while watching a film…

I’ll be sure to keep you updated and in the meantime all the details are here on Ravelry.

5 thoughts on “Sunshine stripes

    • Oh, there’s no crochet gene present here for sure! I can’t follow a crochet pattern for toffee but can just about manage the same stitch over and over again šŸ˜‰

  1. I’m another minus the crochet gene and I’m in awe of those who have it. Can’t wait to see the finished blanket, I think it’s going to look lovely and retro but of course I could be wrong šŸ˜€

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