It’s been a funny season on the allotment so far. After an incredibly cold, wet Spring we had a short (very short!) spell of incredibly hot weather… followed by more changeable but warm days. Poor little seedlings that froze and refused to grow back in May & June and now a mass of rampant weeds and rusty courgette leaves, a pea crop that was a mere handful and not a single cucumber as yet. Not one, nothing… and we’re usually giving them away or letting the boys eat them like ice lollies by now!  We’ve sadly given up completely on the tomato plants and pulled them up to make space for something less frustrating!

The allotment bounty that we would normally be bringing home by the barrow load has definitely been depleted by this strange weather… although we are now bringing home barrow loads of potatoes after they needed to be lifted super quick when the blight (like no blight we’ve previously experienced!) set in last week!

So, we’ve a lot of potatoes to get washed and stored…

There’s some ‘promise’ of things to come (although to not yet have eaten a single French bean at this stage of the season is incredible!)

All in all, it’s fair to say that the allotment looks better from a distance at the moment 😉

Especially when someone else is toiling away trying to get on top of the weeds and I’m taking the photos!!


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