Late summer harvest…

The harvest feels very late this year. I think I say that every year but given the cold wet early summer we had it wouldn’t surprise me if it was *actually* very late this year. The last week has been hot and dry though and the local farmers are finally reaping the benefits of their earlier labours. Not without a fair bit of hard work though, the tractors are positively whizzing back and forth,  trailers laden with grain, the air is thick with dust and the fields are rapidly being reduced to stubble dotted with straw bales, soon to be ploughed back to brown earth… and then we’ll be heading into autumn as quick as you like and so the cycle continues.

For the moment though, we’re relishing the chance to indulge in a favourite family pastime… the ‘Harvester Hunt’!

For the 3 (4 if you include Chris) boys harvest time means only one thing, big machines, lots of them and the opportunity to spy them around every bend… Officially, under family rules it’s a ‘Tractor Day’ if we spot 3 while we’re out and about… you get the picture, farm machinery features big in the imagination.

So, yesterday evening we jumped into the car as the sun started to dip and headed off on a magical mystery tour of the local lanes 😉 Looking for clouds of dust is the way to do it and we soon spotted our first Combine. Amazingly it wasn’t the thing that captured the imagination on this particular evening, for just around the next bend we spotted a field full of large square bales being picked up and loaded onto a trailer by an amazing piece of machinery that did the whole job in one swift manoeuvre… drive up, nudge the bale into position, drop down an arm with a big spike, hoist the bale up onto the trailer, push into position, move on, repeat until the trailer contains 16 huge bales and off it sets, into the sunset. Wow!

Meanwhile, the boys are examining the by-product of the earlier harvesting and catching the late evening sunshine…

The light was amazing!

I may have taken my knitting along for the ride…

We’re finally beginning to see our own labours bear fruit as well. The allotment harvest is underway and we have purple podded beans, runner beans and courgettes galore. We’re hoping the corn, cucumbers and aubergines get the idea too…

8 thoughts on “Late summer harvest…

  1. I love the end of day light that you’re sharing here. I don’t think I’ve ever been in your part of the world in August. We always seem to be there in September though, to see the ploughing.

  2. You have made me feel all nostalgic – my boys are grown now, and the older one drives the big tractors, but I do remember those days when they would rush off to watch the combine (and come back glowing with excitement because they had had a ride and been allowed to ‘drive’ it!).

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