What a lucky girl!

There hasn’t been too much knitting, crochet or crafting in evidence on the blog lately. That’s not to say it hasn’t been going on but somehow another update on the endless Alpaca socks for Chris hasn’t felt necessary 😉

I’ve also hit a bit of a ‘wall’ trying to decide how to break away from the never-ending-socks and the crochet blanket (which is coming on a treat but more of that another time…) and have spent far too much time mooching around Ravelry ‘favouriting’, ‘queuing’ and even purchasing and printing out before becoming overwhelmed by the yarn choices. I guess it’s a touch of ‘knitter’s block’!!

Well, if ever there’s a way to get the creative juices going it’s the arrival of a new, never before knitted, luscious parcel of yarn! I had one of those events a week or so ago… you know, the one’s that used to warrant cake and candles and piles of parcels but is now a much more sedate affair (there’s still cake obviously but I’m happy to live without the candles… it’d take too long to take them all out and get to the cake!!) Well, a lovely friend of mine, to whom I have been known to peddle more yarn than she knows what to do with (not my fault if she’s got no will power 😉 ) presented me with a parcel wrapped in tangerine tissue… feeling squishy and full of promise…

Three skeins (lucky lucky me!) of Quince & Co. Chickadee in the most beautiful shades…

Bird’s Egg, Storm & Rosa Rugosa. I’m thinking a cowl, with colourwork and a lovely Latvian braid edge? And I’m back to Ravelry again 😉 scouring, searching, admiring, ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ and queuing…

Once there’s actual knitting I’ll be sure to show you… in the meantime it’s back to the Alpaca Socks!

2 thoughts on “What a lucky girl!

  1. Ooohh, I was just listening to Never Not Knitting’s podcast last night and she was reviewing Quince & co. yarns. They sounded wonderful. You lucky thing having such a great friend, who knows what a girl really wants!

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