We’re lucky that our local market town still has a market once a week – there are lots that don’t – and I can usually be found there picking up some of the mountain of fruit and vegetables that a family of 5 gets through on a weekly basis!  Much of it is the standard fayre… apples, bananas, calabrese and carrots. Some of them things we grow ourselves but just never quite enough…  some that are ‘everyday’ but exotic (we love to eat local but frankly who, with 3 small boys, could live without bananas!) and then there are the others that appear seasonally (from near and far) and I just can’t resist!

This week along with the ‘usuals’ some extra treats slipped into the shopping basket…

Turkish figs… we like them baked with honey & orange juice and served with a (big) dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Kentish Cobnuts! Chris – being a ‘Kentish Man’* – tells tale of eating these by the handful as a child. I, being slightly less cultured didn’t come across them until much later in life. They are essentially ‘green’ hazelnuts. And they are delicious! I’m told they’ll keep in the fridge in a paper bag until Christmas but I think it’s unlikely we’ll have enough will power to test that out!

This is a ‘Mineola’ – another citrus hybrid that’s hit our shores fairly recently? Apparently, it’s a cross between a grapefruit and a tangerine. Whatever, they’re juicy and sweet and a very very good way to enjoy a daily shot of VitC! I’m not sure quite where they are ‘in season’ at the moment but if they bridge the gap between Spanish Naval oranges and the Christmas Satsuma I’m very happy to indulge 😉

All in all, a good market haul!

And those are English (Kent again!) cherries nestled in the background. Yum! Hope the market is a laden with bounty this week because this lot have all long gone 😉

* Chris, having been born West of the river Medway is a Kentish Man. Those born to the East of the Medway are – apparently – ‘Men of Kent’. It’s important, I’m told 😉


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