It’s almost half way through I know but it’s just sunk in that September is here! The tell tale signs are all around…

The porch is stacked full of logs ready for cosy Autumn evenings in front of the fire


The boys came back from their bike ride this morning with pockets full of treasure and there are now ‘conker’ shells all over the deck…


The knitting mist cleared and I settled on ‘none of the above’ as my new cast-on. Meet Emelie:

Neutral, classic, simple… and an excuse to delve into the Shibui Sock 😉

September… I find it a wistful month. Often the weather is the best of the summer but the evenings are short and the light is mellow and the chilly nights tell tale of what is just around the corner.

The sunflowers are still gorgeous though…


So we’ll make the most of it for sure…


Yes, it was late evening, yes the water was absolutely f-f-f-freezing, yes they did all strip down to their pants and go in, knowing we’d got no spare clothes and no towels at all. Yes, our friends’ children are just as mad as ours. No, Tom didn’t… he’s far too sensible 😉

How’s your September looking so far?


3 thoughts on “September…

    • Well… now you mention it… would’ve been rude for me to suggest such a thing though 😉

      I think we had some half ‘n’ halfs that looked like conkers with vitiligo!

  1. September is one of my favorite months. It comes early to us here in the mountains. Yes, you look ready to have some nice fires in your fireplace ….. and, you are all prepared with some lovely Shibui yarn!

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