Angelica Sprocket’s Locks!

Have you come across the children’s story ‘Angelica Sprocket’s Pockets’ by Quentin Blake? He’s one of our favourite author/illustrators and his drawings for Roald Dahl’s books bring them magically to life.  Angelica Sprocket, complete with all her pockets (you really should read the book if you have small children and haven’t already by the way) has been brought to ‘life’ in our local library as part of the town’s annual ‘Festival of Scarecrows’. Yes, our local town really does have an annual Festival of Scarecrows 😉

Here she is in all her zany glory…

And while we weren’t involved in her creation we did spot something very familiar about her person when we were admiring her on a recent trip to the library…


A while back I sorted through the ever growing bag of odd balls, samples, ends and left overs and gave a big bag of yarn to the library for their craft cupboard. I am happy to report that Angelica Sprocket’s hair is possibly one of the best uses for Artesano Silk Embrace that I’ve ever seen! It truly is remarkable. The purple ‘Manos’ highlights finish it off perfectly too 😉

The high street was filled with scarecrows of all shapes and sizes for a whole week. There was a ‘Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’ entry and the toy shop window was filled with an impressive Bradley Wiggins complete with bike (no photo I’m afraid!!) but we think Angelica was the star of the show!

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