A little tweedy indulgence…

Anyone who has known me since my late teens will testify to the fact that I’m not naturally frugal (ahem) but the life we’ve chosen to live since we moved to Suffolk 10 years or so ago and the children came along has made necessity the mother of frugality – or something like that!

I’ve craftily (boom boom) managed to turn my most expensive hobby into the business that supports our family so indulge myself in hand knits that I could only dream about if my ‘knitting budget’ fell in line with all the other ‘budgets’. There’s not much spare and what there is mostly gets spent on food and fuel. However, I do believe that the things we spend our hard earned money on should be good quality, well thought through purchases. Whether it’s food – I’d rather spend almost all our  income on good quality food than scrimp when it comes to meat, fish, dairy and fresh fruit and veg – or occasional treats…

But even though I’ve conditioned myself not to ‘want’ too much, the changing of the seasons always makes me a little wistful for the ‘previous life’ that would have involved a few indulgent shopping trips to update an already overflowing wardrobe. These days I am mostly happy to buy my clothes second hand on everyone’s favourite auction site underpinned by a few staple t-shirts from H&M and Uniqlo and of course, my lovely hand knits. But hey, a girl still needs shoes and a decent handbag right? We recently found ourselves in a position to indulge ourselves just a teeny-tiny bit more than usual so various carefully chosen treats have been purchased… the boys and Chris are building a much coveted RC sailing boat and the ‘shop’ has a new camera to make the yarn look even more beautiful. I have added a pair of shoes to the collection and a lovely leather hand bag that I intend to use for many years to come. It’s all felt a bit naughty – but also quite nice. Just to indulge a little…

Then I saw something while perusing Beth’s lovely blog/shop – The Linen Cat – recently that made my heart flutter a little and somehow flicked off the ‘frugal switch’ for long enough for me to click the relevant buttons and then feel more than just a little guilty. Guilt that I was soon able to assuage though…

A little box full of promise duly arrived and sat quietly, containing its bounty dutifully, for several days while I waited for a ‘quiet moment’ to fully appreciate the contents…

Such care and attention to detail deserves savouring!

Oh, what a beauty! I am a complete sucker for tweed… and felt… and bags/purses… and amazing crafts(wo)manship.

Made from fabulous green wool tweed, lined with gorgeous green leaves cotton fabric and adorned with a beautiful wool felt ‘Auricula’ corsage which can be removed and worn as a brooch. I can’t emphasise enough the quality of this lovely purse. The thought that has gone into the design and the choice of fabrics is evident and the finish is quite simply exquisite. I shall treasure it for years I am sure. Beth you are a very very talented lady! Thank you xx



3 thoughts on “A little tweedy indulgence…

  1. You’ve just made my day 🙂 Thank you so much for such a lovely mention, I’m so pleased you like the purse.

    I really enjoyed reading your post, as I can relate in many ways. I’d always prefer to buy smaller amounts of good quality, in both food, clothing and gifts. I try to support other artists in the ‘hand made’ community when I can, and I like to buy British (a hang over from being a sheep farmer’s daughter, I would always buy british and pay much more for my food, meat especially, when appropriate).

    I love knowing that things I’ve made go to people who understand the work involved, it really is the best feeling.

    Thank you.

    Beth x

  2. It feels like yonks since I’ve been able to indulge in anything much so I can imagine your excitement! I’d have been tempted by this too!!

    What camera did you choose, I’d love to know 😀

  3. Chris is the camera geek, I bow to his superior knowledge. We got a Fuji X100 (to compliment the Nikon Dsomethingorother that we’ve had for years). It’s going to take some getting used to but has some very nice features and the image quality is lovely!

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