Surely not more ‘finished knitting’?

I know, anyone would think I’d done no house work at all these past two weeks – ahem…

After the Impulsive Orange Cowl positively whizzed off the needles I felt the urge to cast on another heavier weight project. My penchant for 4 ply cardigans and lace weight shawls does mean that projects are sometimes on the needles for some while and it felt really nice to have a wearable object after just a few days of knitting, so…

I scoured my Ravelry queue and plumped for a suitably Autumnal cardigan that had been waiting patiently in the wings for a while. Romy is another ‘Ankestrick‘ pattern that uses the Contigious Method I raved about some while back. Knit from the top down, with lots of opportunity to adjust the fit to accommodate my wide shoulders and long body (!) I’m pretty pleased with the way this quick knit turned out…

The yarn is Hjertegarn Lima, that I’ve been dying to use for a sweater or cardigan since it arrived here last Autumn. It’s lovely to knit with, a full bodied ‘woolly’ yarn (100% wool) that creates a lovely soft fabric with nice even stitch definition – and it’s pretty amazing value too at £2.75 per 50g ball. I used 8.5 balls to knit the ‘Large’ size cardigan – and I knit the body much longer than the pattern calls for to accommodate my long torso. I think you’ll agree that’s pretty good value! The buttons I picked up in my tiny little local haberdashery store and 6 buttons cost a grand total of 90p! Given how quickly it knit up, even allowing for the time taken it’s a hand knit that truly competes with high street prices… and so much nicer!

All details Ravelled here.

3 thoughts on “Surely not more ‘finished knitting’?

  1. Another fab project, Anj. I have had a week of sitting on the sofa feeling sorry for myself after wisdom teeth surgery and still haven’t even managed to knit a baby cardi never mind an adult one!! I need some speed-knitting lessons from you!

  2. I love the new cardigan, so pretty. I think I need a speed lesson too. 😀 Currently making a cardigan for myself and come up against decreasing, which normally isn’t a problem for me, but this time decreasing and continuing in pattern has me baffled….. Oh well, I’m off to try and figure it out. 😀

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