Time for something green…

Because it really really has been quite a while since I knitted anything green! Once on the needles almost constantly, green has lately been strangely absent… replaced with chocolate brown, gold and silver grey. Horror! My beloved green, staple of my wardrobe, a hangover from all those years as a ‘red head’, missing from my knitting ‘palette’. Maybe I’ve been less drawn to green recently because it’s finally sinking in that the once red hair has now naturally faded to silvery beige šŸ˜‰

Anyway, a new yarn arrived in the shed recently that is so deliciously soft, in such an amazing range of shades that I will surely never want for the perfect green – or gold, or brown or blue or red for that matter – again! We’ve stocked Alpaca from John Arbon Textiles down in Devon for a while but have now added the Merino ‘Knit by Numbers‘ yarn to our range. Well, what can I say? It is as close to DK Merino perfection as I’ve seen or had the pleasure of knitting with for some while…

See that perfect grassy green? The plump stitches, the lovely twist?

I’m knitting Redy – another ‘Ankestrick‘ pattern. It’s designed to be worn ‘reversed’ with the purl side out but I am thinking those lovely plump stockinette stitches are just too lovely to hide away… the fabric too smooth and soft. We’ll see, I’ve not woven in any ends and that’s all that will determine which way out it’s worn. Talking of which, the 100g skeins have meant there really aren’t many ends! The entire body, including long cowl neck (and I’m knitting the Large size) has taken just 3 skeins and another will complete the sleeves so it’s a yarn that goes far as well…

The reverse side does look rather lovely too though… it’s going to be a tough decision!

The Knit by Numbers yarn is currently in stock in 16 shades but there are 10 more arriving in the next couple of weeks and I am *sure* that more will prove irresistible each time we re-order. We might need to extend the stock room because there are – wait for it – a total of 79 shades! Choosing the first 2 dozen was very hard, I can tell you!

Redy is another ‘contigious’ pattern – yep, I’m an addict! It’s such a very lovely way to knit a sweater from the top down, such lovely shaping and detail giving the appearance of set-in sleeves rather than raglan and so much room for manoeuvre to accommodate wide shoulders (ahem) etc.

I’m hoping this will be off the needles and in the wardrobe in the next week or so and I’ll be sure to let you see the finished sweater – whether it will be ‘inside out’ or not, who knows!


Progress is being ‘Ravelled’ here



6 thoughts on “Time for something green…

  1. That is one yummy shade of green…I used to knit almost exclusively in greens and now, it’s missing from mine too. I seem to have moved to blues and greys. But, a green like that could tempt me straight back! Lovely.

  2. I Love the color and can’t wait to see the finished results. šŸ˜€
    I am currently knitting an aran cardigan and will post photo’s soon. Have a great week.

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