Introducing Jamieson & Smith…

I’ve got lots of knitterly endeavours to show you over the coming days but I can’t resist popping in to shout from the rooftops about the latest addition to our yarn range.

I’ve been acutely aware for some time that our range has been sorely lacking in the Shetland department. I’m a big fan of ‘woolly wool’ – as I like to think of it – and while some knitters are on a quest for the softest yarn they can find I’ve always been strangely (given I’ve no knitter-genes or link with anything much north of Watford) drawn to the more ‘rustic’ charms of the yarns of the Hebrides, Shetland and Scandinavia…

So, when the lovely folks at Jamieson & Smith signed us up as retailers the whoops may well have been audible in those far flung isles! We’ve started with the classic – the 2ply ‘jumper weight’ that knits as 4ply and is the making of many a fine stranded garment. It’s fair to say that choosing the first 30 shades wasn’t easy. How to narrow down such an amazing range of (86!) shades to something that will fit in the stock room (ahem!) and facilitate the creation of many splendid garments? It was tough but I think our first delivery is amazing…


Look at those blues… the greens… and what about the subtle beauty of the neutrals – none of which are at all ‘neutral’ but all filled with different shades and hues. There’s no doubt that our range will expand with each delivery and I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up with all of them (I’m sure I heard the shelves creak at the very thought though!)


We’ve also got the Shetland Heritage range which is 6 very special heritage colours ranging from ‘Flugga’ White (I will be investigating the names and history and will no doubt be back here to report my findings but I’m guessing that it’s named after Muckle Flugga lighthouse? Shoot me down if I’m completely wrong!) through to deep ‘Indigo’ and rich dark ‘Peat’. You can read about an amazing garment (re)constructed in these shades – and a fair bit of the intriguing history – on Jen Arnall-Culliford’s fabulous blog here.

The arrival of J&S yarn has also coincided with the publication of Kate Davies’ much anticipated new book ‘Colours of Shetland‘. I’m very much looking forward to my copy arriving – I couldn’t resist – and will no doubt be raiding the stock room shelves (in the name of test knitting of course… ) as soon as it does. For the patterns therein do indeed all require yarn from the J&S ‘jumper weight’ range. Yes, the planets were truly aligned.


4 thoughts on “Introducing Jamieson & Smith…

  1. I love love love J & S 🙂
    When I was a student (many many years ago) I used to order yarn from them and knit jumpers for fellow art students (and myself) – happy days!
    The colours are beautiful, I love the colour swatch book – such beautiful natural colours. So good to see they have a lovely blog and the new book looks very special.

    • Your article was lovely and perfectly timed to coincide with the arrival of the Heritge yarn here 😉 Picking out 30 shades was impossible… so impossible I’ve already ordered another 10!!!

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