It fairly rattled off the needles!

You may recall I cast on a sneaky shawl a couple of weeks ago – by way of testing the new super-space-age Karbonz needles that had arrived.

Well, it’s done – and has actually been off the needles (and mostly around a chilly neck) for a while already! I’d had Henslowe on my must-knit list for an age and I’m so glad that impulse struck and I cast it on. It’s a wonderful knit! As someone who enjoys the process of knitting as much as the end result I do love finding a project that whistles along with interesting techniques to stimulate the fingers and the mind!

Anj - Henslowe Shawl

Lovely ‘Pistachio’ Wollmeise that I’d been ‘saving’ since I frogged a pair of socks…

And what’s more, it’s perfect shawl weather.

Anj - Henslowe Shawl

I highly recommend you all cast one on immediately 😉

Anj - Henslowe ShawlIt’s the fastest shawl I’ve ever knit by quite some margin I think. It was on the needles for a mere 5 days – wow!

All the details are Ravelled here

p.s As I think I may have said elsewhere already, the Karbonz needles are wonderful! Soft, smooth, flexible, warm and seemingly as strong as the marketing material suggests…


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