How did that happen???

I’ve been absent from here for a couple of weeks. In part due to the shop being super busy (thank you!) in the run up to the festive season and in part because so much of my knitting activity has been of the secret kind that I couldn’t reveal until after gifts were bestowed. Rest assured there will be a ‘Christmas Knits’ post very soon!

We saw in the New Year in our usual quiet (read almost asleep) way having cooked a lovely meal earlier in the evening with my parents and my sister and her family and the new year dawned amazingly bright. A mandatory visit to the nearby coast at Southwold proved just the thing…

southwold1That picture (borrowed from my dad’s Flickr photo stream – thanks dad!) doesn’t show the hoards of people who had the same idea! The promenade was very busy and the tide was too high to stroll easily between the groynes so we stayed put near the pier and practised skimming instead…

skimmingLove the rusty pier supports with the amazing blue sea behind. It must be an optical illusion as anyone who knows this stretch coast will testify that the sea really isn’t that colour!!  There was quite a collection of hand knits on the beach between our party of 11 😉

Tom asked if he could use Gramps’ camera and captured the essence of the day beautifully with this shot…

gullLet’s hope 2013 is full of blue skies…



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