You may think there is nothing spectacular about casting off the second sock of a pair that were requested to keep chilly toes warm through a frozen January. But there is… for this is a pair of socks that very nearly defeated me. It was, indeed, *last* January that the request was submitted.

Knit with the absolutely gorgeous John Arbon Alpaca sock, with just the right amount of nylon to make them ‘invincible’ (I hope) and in a lovely muted mustardy yellow that is in the ‘swampy’ spectrum  that I favour.

With sock pattern book – Wendy Johnson’s ‘Socks from the Toe Up’ which I would recommend to anyone wanting to knit socks this way for the first time – in hand I happily cast on my first pair of toe-up socks. As they were for Chris I chose the most ‘manly’ of the patterns in the book. Not that he’s averse to the notion of lacy socks but there is something about a big male hairy leg poking out of the top of a lacy sock that might induce a fit of giggles…

The pattern was lovely, a simple cable which would be the perfect anitdote to the round-and-round sock knitting. Or so I thought…

Now, I’ve knitted my fair share of cables in the past. Some complex, some simple, some ‘cabling without a cable needle’ some that required frequent reference back to the pattern but I had obviously never knit a 12 cable pattern repeat on 2.25mm needles using yarn with a beautiful halo and not much ‘give’ before. I swear they nearly got the better of me! But I did not give up… the Spring came warm and bright and the socks progressed… slowly. Summer came and I naturally excused myself for a month or so… Autumn dawned chilly and blustery and they came out of hibernation. And I knit… and I knit… and I knit… for these were never-ending socks. Chris does have size 10 feet and he had requested ‘long’ socks to combat the dreaded gap-between-sock-and-trouser-leg syndrome but still, how can it possibly have taken me almost a whole *year* to knit a pair of socks? I have finished no fewer than 22 projects (according to Ravelry) since casting these on but finally… TA-DA…

Here they are… with feet inside them (and they are the same length and have cabling all the way up to the rib on both sides I promise… no matter how tempting it was to finish the second one with plain stocking stitch and 3 inches shorter 😉 )



Just in time for the snow to melt and (we hope) Spring to edge ever nearer…

Let’s just hope they do prove to be indestructible because it may be a while before I case on another ‘man sock’ (or anything requiring a cable needle for that matter 😉 )

Details all Ravelled here

2 thoughts on “f-f-f-f-f-finished!

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