It got me thinking…

Contemplating a pair of socks, on the needles for almost an entire calendar year got me wondering…

So I had a proper browse back through my Ravelry Notebook and totted up the projects that were cast-on and cast-off in their entirety  in 2012. It turns out there were 21 and it’s really very satisfying to see them all grouped together,  resplendent in their woolliness…


Some big, some not-so-big but definitely something for everyone… who’d have thought that out of 21 knits, only 9 would actually be for me! I’ve always considered myself a fairly ‘selfish’ knitter but it appears not to be quite the case?

And with project no.3 already on the needles this year it looks like 2013 might be a productive one too…

3 thoughts on “It got me thinking…

  1. I meant to do this at the start of the year and still haven’t got around to it…maybe tomorrow 😉 It’s a great way to look back, you have been a very busy bee!!

  2. I think perhaps I’ll pass on doing this, my 2012 seemed to involved more frogging than finishing!

    This on the other hand is clear evidence of a hugely productive knitting year. Kudos Ang!

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