It’s fair to say that I am a lot like a kid in a candy store most of the time and the list of yarn-in-the-shed-that-I-must-knit-with is already longer than my average grocery shopping list but – ahem – there’s somehow always room to squeeze another gorgeous yarn into the shed (and thus onto the list).

Back at the end of last Autumn I made contact with a US based yarn company and asked if they might consider us as a retailer. ‘Why, of course, that would be lovely’ they said… You may have heard the whoops from where you are sat as I read their reply for I knew in my very knitting bones that this yarn was destined to become one of my all time faves.

Meet Swans island Organic Merino

This 100% Organic Merino wool has a lovely twist and is one of those yarns that is so soft and squishy that one just can’t help but let out little ‘mews’ while gently palpating it (Come on, don’t tell me you haven’t involuntarily sighed while squishy a skein of yarn – you haven’t? It is just me… O…..K….. )

We’ve got 16 shades to start in the ‘Fingering’ weight which is actually a 3 ply construction that is equivalent to a ‘light’ 4ply or sock weight yarn. Not that we’d necessarily use this just for socks. The tonal range in the shades, the subtle variations in the saturated hues make this a yarn that screams to be turned into scarves, shawls, cowls and lightweight sweaters or cardigans. I am struggling not to grab 3 skeins of ‘Logwood’ right now and cast on a lovely cardigan pattern that I acquired in a little pamphlet this weekend…

Feast your eyes on these beautiful shades…



Many of them are dyed using Indigo so have amazing depth and tonal variation (and may rub off while knitting initially… be warned but not afraid 😉 )

While you contemplate the beauties above I will be sitting on my hands in an effort to stop myself casting on *another* cardigan…


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