A leap of faith…

For the past 4 months or so, 3 gorgeous skeins of yarn have been sitting patiently waiting, while I pondered their potential future, the possibilities within…

The 3 skeins in question are the Quince & Co. ‘Chickadee’ that a lovely friend gave me for my birthday last August. Three wonderfully complimentary shades – Bird’s Egg, Storm & Rosa Rugosa – that needed to be turned into something beautiful.

I came across the ‘Trust Me‘ cowl by Louise Zass-Bangham on one of my frequent jaunts around the inner echelons of Ravelry and knew immediately that my skeins had found their destiny! It’s an intriguing pattern, the kind I like best. That unique combination of simple knitting with interesting technique. The name of the cowl says it all really… it is one of those patterns where making a leap of faith and following the instructions while wondering how on earth it’s going to turn into a ‘tube’ for the first few rows is essential. Then the A-HA moment! Suddenly it all falls into place and you can tootle merrily along, switching shades on a whim as the tube gradually takes form and closes itself up row by row. Ingenious! It made me think of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s ‘Baby Surprise Jacket‘ of which I am a fan. One of those garments where it’s not until almost the very final TA-DA that it’s even obvious what you’ve knitted 😉

t had a lovely walk around Dunwich Heath on Sunday… my goodness the North Easterly off the sea was bitter and I was very glad of its warmth! You can’t really see the full effect of the ‘mitring’ when it’s tucked firmly into an overcoat but the versatility of it is pleasing and the thick and thin stripes which transition into diagonals and blocks depending on how you present the cowl work very nicely.

As you can see, the landscape at Dunwich is fairly bleak at this time of year… the heather brown and straggly rather than plump purple and the bracken at its lowest ebb and a bright stripy cowl was just what was needed to add a splash of colour to the proceedings! We saw an amazing sap (we think) icicle, dripping from a newly sawn birch branch and we thoroughly enjoyed our flask of hot chocolate when we got back to the car with rosy cheeks and red noses!

These ‘flat’ pics show how the genius construction works…


DSCF4892Enough to make any knitter smile on a chilly February day 😉


DSCF4870Head over to Ravelry for all the details

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