I may have uttered…

in the aftermath of the socks-that-went-on-for-ever-and-ever that it would be a long long time before cables graced my needles again…

Well, somehow, both the ‘new’ projects on the needles (I said new, we’re not counting the ones that are languishing in the knitting ‘corner’, especially not the lace weight stocking stitch stole that has been on the needles for nearly 2 years…) appear to involve cables!




DSC_0005Of course, after all my harsh words, I am enjoying both these knits immensely (now I’ve finished both the endless sleeves for the latest ‘man cardi’ that is!) and I take back everything I said…

I guess it’s like falling off a horse. The best course of action after a painful knitting experience is just to jump right back in the saddle.

I’ll be sure to show you Avast and Harumi once they’re done. Which hopefully won’t be too long, ‘cos I’ve got plans for some of that delicious Swans Island yarn that just arrived… and Japanese fair isle to master 😉

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