Those pesky ‘indestructible’ socks…

Yep, you guessed it… they weren’t. Indestructible that is. They *were* pesky…

I should have known really. We are talking about man-feet that make holes in *everything*. Those socks with goodness-knows-what reinforcing the heel and toe that are sold for big hairy men who work on building sites and wear steel toe cap boots. Yep, these feet make holes in them. Horrid acrylic… holes. Proper rugged mountain walking wool…. holes. And Alpaca/Nylon it appears…

sock2These socks were, in many ways, an experiment and I was (almost) expecting to admit defeat. I’d read good things about Mohair/Nylon socks and had been trying to hunt down some suitable Mohair/Nylon sock yarn for a while. In the end I gave in to a retail impulse (and I think a pressing need for a Father’s Day gift from the boys to Chris) and purchased a pair of Mohair socks from ‘Wiggly Wigglers’. They were lovely socks and we had high hopes but sure enough, they soon joined the ranked masses in the sock drawer with holes in the heel and the ball of the foot.

So I cast on the never-ending socks using the absolutely gorgeous John Arbon Alpaca ‘Sock’ in an attempt to create the first pair of indestructible socks in the sock drawer.

sock1Sigh… I knit them using 2.00mm needles so I’d create a nice dense, strong fabric. I dread to think how many teeny tiny stitches make up this pair of socks for a man with size 10 feet who especially requested that they be ‘long’ socks, long enough to sit above the top of his boots. Sigh… I’m absolutely not laying the blame with either the knitter or the yarn, oh no, I’ve years of proof  that it’s entirely the feet that are to blame and while I am happy (ish) to bin store bought socks when they spring a leak, I am much less inclined to toss these ones after less than 2 months wear!

I went into town earlier this week and passing the little haberdashery store that keeps me stocked with zips and buttons and ribbon and other goodies I couldn’t resist popping in for one of these…

darn mushrooms

I think it is time that another traditional craft skill was acquired in our residence. Yep, we’re gonna be darning these babies. Well, I say ‘we’… here’s the handy You Tube video tutorial, it’s over to the man with the toughest feet in Suffolk, the darning needles are in the sewing box sweetie 😉

And next time I’m in town I might bring my beloved home another little gift, a small token of my affection… a pumice stone. Maybe it’s actually the feet that need attention, rather than the socks 😉

I’ll be sure to report back with a darning update!!


2 thoughts on “Those pesky ‘indestructible’ socks…

  1. oh my… I totally understand this post. My mum and I knit my dad socks for every birthday and christmas and within two months he has put holes in them. I think it is his feet and am now wondering if men are just plain hard on socks! they are stunning socks, lucky husband!

  2. Oh no, it is so sad when handknit socks get holes in them, although it shows that the wearer loves them so much they just cannot take them off… I’ve been experimenting with sock yarns myself, and for my birthday last year I was so lucky to receive a pair of lovely lace knit socks from a friend. They were knit from an alpaca/silk-blend, and I haven’t yet been able to wear holes in them yet! It is incredible, because when I first saw them I was determined not to wear them that much for I thought they’d get holes immediately, but lo and behold! My sheerest, loveliest, prettiest socks are still whole and they still keep my feet nice and cosy. So, apparently it’s best to go for yarns that have a certain percentage of silk in them for hardwearing socks. It makes sense now that I think about it 🙂

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