Finally… some sunny knitting!

Ack! It’s been ages since I hopped over here to report on woolly goings-on but that’s not because there haven’t been any. On the contrary, the work-in-progress ‘knitting shelf’ is positively filled to the brim with half finished projects!! There’s the man-cardi that has its zip pinned in but not sewn in… the crochet granny stripe bed cover that needs a few (!) more stripes… the Japanese fair isle vest that requires just a few more rows of fair isle… the Faroese sweater that is at least 75% done… you see? Lots and lots of almost-but-not-quite-finished projects just needing a little time and attention before their ‘TA DA’ moment. So, I guess now is the perfect time to cast on something new – ahem.

My only niece (among a sea of boys) has her 2nd birthday just a week or so from now and as she’s the only small girl I ever get to knit for I figured I’d better take advantage and get something together for her big day.

Not only that, the SUN finally came out! It appears Spring has arrived – not a moment too soon – and while we’re not breaking any records temperature-wise, it is so nice to be able to head out for the day with a picnic and a portable knitting project – and I’ve discovered that almost finished man-cardis and granny stripe blankets aren’t really very portable… so I really had no choice but to start something new đŸ˜‰

One of our favourite spots… Covehithe, is a dreamy stretch of Suffolk coast, backed by a nature reserve ‘mere’, dotted with strange gnarled tree stumps and certainly some of the loveliest pale golden sand in these parts.

Covehithe beach… windy and colder than it looks!Perfect to crack on with a little cardigan and watch the boys release some pent up energy… although it was certainly a lot windier and quite a bit colder than the pictures let on!

Covehithe beach… windy and colder than it looks!

Covehithe beach… windy and colder than it looks!I’ve chosen a simple little cardigan for the latest niece-knit. It’s Granny’s Favourite by Georgie Hallam and it’s a great pattern for stash busting with lots of options for different length body and sleeves. I’m enjoying it… the top down, one piece construction is my favourite, especially for little knits where lot of seaming and sewing in of ends is fiddly. I’m even using a yarn that felts nicely so I’ve spit-spliced the ball changes and so far have only two ends to weave in… the cast on tail and the cast off at the hem edge. Lovely! I’m about to knit the sleeves and only got started at the weekend so it’s been a quick knit for sure…


DSCF5478The yarn is Mirasol Tuhu, which we’ve had in the shed for a while but it’s the first time I’ve used it. It’s really rather nice! The 10% Angora is incredibly soft and it’s a lovely loose 3-ply yarn that knit’s evenly and creates a lovely fabric on a standard 4.00mm needle. I’ve a mind to knit something for myself using it now. Maybe this lovely sweater by Anna Wilkinson that I’ve had on my Ravelry favourites list for a while now…

All the relevant details for the ‘Granny’s Favourite’ pattern and the yarn are here on Ravelry.

One thought on “Finally… some sunny knitting!

  1. That cardigan is such a pretty blue!

    Yup, I have a lot of half done and not quite done knitting projects here and no end in sight for most of them just yet, which makes blogging about knitting a tad complicated!

    I love that when you go places and post about them I always know exactly where you are … oh, how I love Suffolk!

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