All change!

It’s been a while since there’s been a knitting update and the pile of ‘FO’s is growing, some awaiting photos, some needing that final blocking , some just needing a few words to accompany a report here… that will all come in time. For the moment we’re catching our breath and recuperating from an office move!

After nearly two years back home in the ‘shed’ – as it was affectionately known – we had to face up to the reality that not another skein, needle or even stitch marker would fit into the space and leave enough room for me to pack the occasional order! As luck would have it, a chance encounter with our former landlord at the ‘barn’ alerted us to the fact that it might be up for grabs again, on a slightly smaller scale.

If you’re new to us and our journey, let me introduce you to the ‘barn’…

The office

It always was a fabulous  place to work… surrounded as it is by over 40 acres of meadow, woodland and nestled in the amazing Suffolk countryside.

Meadow Yarn was ‘born’ in the barn… even the name was inspired by where we worked, such is the power of this place…
So we’re back! Just occupying the upper floor this time, which is still positively cavernous compared to the ‘shed’ and after a weekend of moving stock bins, chasing BT engineers (!) and sweating buckets (but rain would’ve been worse for sure!) it’s all in and operational…

Moving back into the barn at Castle MeadowThere’s still a bit of organising to do but we were essentially back on-line on Monday morning without a break in service (phew!)
Moving back into the barn at Castle Meadow
office 11/05
It’s good to be back…

and just think how much amazing new yarn we can fit in now!

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