Rolling off the production line!

Number 2 in a series of – erm – many!

Contrary to blog appearances it’s all go here behind the scenes with knits rolling off the needles at a furious pace – well… some of them are making me furious anyway 😉

As we air our woollies in readiness for the chilly weather that surely must be just around the corner there are also new sweaters and cardigans getting their first outing after the glorious summer we’ve just had!

It’s not often I finish a knit for a family member other than myself that isn’t worn constantly, if not half to death immediately, but the last few months have been so lovely and sunny and warm and glorious that this beast has only just been put to good use… after the pictures were snapped back in Foxglove season!

DSCF5506Another offering to the man of the house to encourage him to chop wood, empty bins, set off on innumerable bike rides, fix leaky gutters and all the other tasks that need attending to while I’m snuggled up in the warm knitting… ahem.

Knit with Peace Fleece Worsted, this was a fairly quick knit as giant-man-cardis go! Peace Fleece is a very very rustic yarn – lots of vegetable matter including the odd thorn – but we’ll forgive it that as it knits up so very nicely into a lovely sturdy fabric that is neither too heavy nor too drab, flecked as it is with lots of heathery goodness. This is ‘Patience Blue’ and I can confirm that patience was indeed tested on occasion by my inability to follow a pattern, count rows and pick up the same number of stitches on each side for the zip band – doh! The air – as well as the yarn – was often blue if we’re honest!

However, persevere I did, for my man and his warmth and well-being this Autumn 😉 Zippers were eventually purchased in the correct length – attempts: 3 – and sewn in – attempts: 2 –  and ends were woven in… just in time for the heatwave…

But every good sweater has its day, and this one’s day has come…

DSCF5508Just the right size (amazing!) and even though I can see I didn’t do the best job picking up the stitches for the zip band and there’s a bit of unevenness, it’s going to do a good job keeping out the chilly air as we set off on a very exciting Autumn adventure of our own. Yep, things they are a-changing on the homestead front and we’re off to pastures new very very soon! As well as keeping you up to date with my woolly endeavours I have plans to bring a good dollop of daily life into this space as we become custodians of what, I believe, will be a very special home…

In the meantime, here’s a rather pleasing cabled waist band 😉

DSCF5511The pattern is this one – Avast, by Jesse Loesberg and is a free Knitty pattern from 2006. It was nicely written, easy to follow and the fit is great. You can find all my Ravelry project details here




3 thoughts on “Rolling off the production line!

  1. I’m currently knitting a man’s cardigan for my dad that looks kind of similar. So far everything is going great but I get panic attacks just thinking about sewing in the zipper!!! Do you have any tips or tutorials to share? Yours looks perfect!

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