From distant shores…

We had a delivery last week that is definitely worthy of its own blog post…

All the way from South Australia – which has been positively melting in a huge heatwave recently – came a big box of amazing yarn that just screamed warm sunshine, bleached landscapes, summer sun… and here we are shivering, windswept, wet and longing for just a hint of the Spring that is not too far off now… surely!

sofTrope – soft singles

Sigh… don’t those shades just transport you to a shady verandah with a cool glass of ginger beer, flip-flops and a straw hat (and your knitting of course…)

Fear not! While we’re waiting for another glorious summer to arrive (I have faith!) there is an alternative scenario…

sofTrope – Bulky

Let’s think instead of imminent snow! The children won’t forgive me (yes, I do control the weather as well as create wholesome tasty meals, know where the sticky tape is, keep drawers full of clean socks and … OK, now I’ve gone too far 😉 ) if we don’t get a proper winter before that glorious summer arrives, so let’s use some of this amazing sofTrope Bulky yarn to prepare for the cold snap! Grab your 9mm circular or some double pointed needles and cast on 40 stitches… Jess of sofTrope has a fabulously simple pattern for a beanie hat that took me a matter of 3 hours to complete! TA-DA…

Three hour beanie… #softrope

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And no beanie hat is complete, in my opinion, without a mahoosive pom pom 😉

With giant pompon!!

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OK, I’m ready… bring on the snow!

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