Well, it certainly wasn’t a cold winter in this part of the world… wet, grey, windy, wet, stormy, wet… but barely a ‘proper’ frost all season, let alone snow.

I fear for our garlic crop – it needs a good hard, cold period to split the bulb into cloves so we may be dumping whole bulbs into the Spaghetti Bolognese come harvest time 😉

Following our mild Winter we’re also being treated to a lovely early Spring! The past month has seen the garden waking up rather rapidly! No gentle stretch, yarn and slow ascent back into warmth here, nope – it’s been a full-on race to see what can spring into flower, leaf and bud since the end of March.

It’s keeping us busy…


We’ve got some recently qualified tractor drivers 😉 Always ready to lend a hand…


We’re being greeted by new shoots, buds and flowers every day. These are the buds of the Alamanchier tree – I’m not sure exactly which variety, possibly ‘lamarckii’ it seems to fit the description. It’s beautiful!

13219707574_6820b1657b_bAnd our Broad Beans (my favourite!) are coming on a treat, as well as those sown directly outside, these are some started inside in pots and they are already several inches larger than this pic and happily sited out in the walled garden. Pictures of which will follow…

I do hope you are all enjoying this amazing season!


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