Meet my new sweater…

A versatile, slightly quirky, lightweight sweater that I finished just in time for the first cooler mornings and evenings… Perfect for that first stroll across to the hens, making that first cup of tea at the little table just outside the back door a pleasure as the first hint of Autumn mists greet us this September!


The pattern is Antler by Ankestrick. The mustard yarn is Eden Cottage Yarn’s Milburn. It’s Victoria’s ‘mill dyed’ range of 4ply yarn that is a lovely blend of Bluefaced Leicester wool & Silk, combined with SofTrope Singles in ‘Aphra’ for the cuffs and hem detail. Both were lovely to knit with and had very different qualities. The Milburn is ‘woolly’ with a slightly slubby feel due to the silk content, whereas the sofTrope – being a single ply – is incredibly smooth and soft to knit with and slightly ‘thick & thin’ as non-plied yarns tend to be…


Knit using the ‘contigious’ top down method and with a garter stitch top half, stocking stitch body and nifty garter side seam details, it also has a garter ‘armband’ and contrast lower sleeves and body. I think this might become an Autumn favourite. Especially as it coordinates effortlessly with my staple uniform of dark navy or grey jeans!


As always, when I look at the photos Chris has taken of me ‘modelling’ (I use that word loosely!) a finished project, my first comment is ‘Goodness, I need a haircut’ !!


Now, I think that was all… wait, what’s that you say? Who’s the puppy?


Ah yes, the latest addition to our already slightly crazy family… meet “Miss Monty”.

A lovely Field Springer pup who has been here for 3 weeks or so and already feels like the perfect companion for us all. Chris and the boys already have her retrieving and ‘sitting’ on command… she’s really quite charming – if not just a little – erm – ‘enthusiastic’ on occasion 😉


4 thoughts on “Meet my new sweater…

    • Thank you! This method of knitting ‘top down’ with the saddle shoulder isn’t tricky… You just need to make sure your markers are in the right place and follow the pattern carefully! It’s all about how and where you increase… the result is lovely and fits really nicely!

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