Purple patch…

I don’t ‘do’ purple…

Never have…

It’s just not me…

Except, I recently found myself wearing purple plimsolls… and fondling skeins of Madelinetosh Vintage in ‘Briar’

So maybe I do ‘do’ purple after all. I think it might be the fading ‘red’ hair that has brought me round to a shade I always avoided in my youth? Yes, that hair was once a rather lovely shade of Auburn believe it or not! (maybe I’ll have to dig out some childhood pics to prove it – even Chris doesn’t quite believe me as when we met it was bleached white blonde and it never really got back to its natural shade before the ageing process kicked in and I started heading rapidly towards natural ‘white blonde’!!)

Meet Lady Marple


It definitely felt Autumnal at 7am this morning and the leaves of the Liquidambar (Sweet Gum) tree outside our back door are ‘on the turn’ already. A soft mist hung over the marsh and as Miss Monty and I did a circuit to make sure all was well with the world I was glad I’d picked up my new cardigan in the rush to get the very excitable puppy out of the door (before the excitement resulted in a puddle on the floor… oh puppy, you are delightful but I could live without the puddles on the floor!)


It’s a pattern from Nadia Crétin-Léchenne – available to download via Ravelry as a PDF – and utilises the same lace pattern that I used when I knit my sister a cardigan a year or so ago. I’ve always had visions of recreating her cardi for myself but I’m not one to knit things more than once so hadn’t quite got around to it. This was the perfect solution. Knit in a heavier (than last time) worsted weight yarn it was super quick and therefore also super satisfying to knit. I think it will be the Autumn staple… especially as the trees around us do their magic and we slowly see our world turn shades of purple…


And yes, I do still need a haircut and no, I hadn’t ironed my linen shirt… life is far too short!


 It’s also perfect for contemplating the endless breakfast possibilities with a hungry 8 year old 😉


All the details of my knit are here on Ravelry.


5 thoughts on “Purple patch…

  1. Natural white blond is a most fetching shade I think..hrrhum!! I love purple but then my natural white blonde came from brunette. Seriously I love the knit and the shade suits you just lovely. Red used to be my favourite colour but not now, it just drains my colour away.

  2. I am knitting a purple Lady Marple as well (in Bogonia). Yours turned out absolutely lovely! Did you get gauge on your size 7 needles or did you go up a size to really get a size M (saw on Ravelry that you did a size L)? I am using size 9 needles, but I think I must knit tight … I was wondering though if it’s the yarn.

    • I’m quite broad so usually knit ‘Large’ or M/L cardigans. I think my stocking stitch gauge was pretty much spot on with 4.50mm needles but I do knit quite loose… I do think that the front lace panels are a bit ‘narrow’ on me, even though the back is perfect – but I don’t often do up cardigans so it’s not crucial!

  3. I am so hoping my hair becomes ‘white blonde’ that’s what I want! It’s been blonde all my life and showing signs of going white – YIppee. I love that look.

    As I’ve grown old I have ‘worn purple’ have you read that poem? I never did as a younger woman, it is an excellent forgiving colour: yes a colour in winter that’s not black, yet elegant if you need it to be. I do think it’s a great idea to try new things.

    Purple now features everywhere and I’ve just bought a sofa for knitting on that is purple.

    This looks lovely and intricate, but my intricate knitting slot is full with a Kate Davies design, but I am encouraged by the ‘small’ scale of the pattern, so often cables are too chunky to look flattering. Lovely.

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