Purple Patch… Part 2!

We found ourselves taking a stroll (with puppy!) around Westleton Heath last Sunday. Having dropped the oldest boy at an RSPB wildlife club at nearby Minsmere we took the opportunity to introduce Miss Monty to one of our favourite walks…

It was all quite purple!


Armed only with my ancient iPod as a camera I still couldn’t resist trying to capture the spirit of the heathland…


So, apologies for the quality but hopefully you get the gist!

The boys romped off with the puppy (who was moving too quickly to grab any useable photos!)

And we found a handy ‘tree chair’ to take a break…


He’s up quite high…


Monty found lots of friends to frolic with (her preference seems to be a big Retreiver or Labrador to have a splash around in a muddy puddle with and she was in luck!) and a friendly postman in his little red van waited patiently while we corralled excited puppy and even shared with us that he was en route to an old hunting lodge buried deep in the forest and the track we were walking on was the remains of a Roman Road that led to the (then bustling) port of Dunwich. Our walks are always full of interesting people and places!


We saw some wonderful fungi, including this perfect Fly Agaric, as yet unblemished… a sure sign that Autumn is almost here!

Miss Monty ended up looking pretty much like this – it would appear Springers quite like muddy water…


No… you can’t come into the house!

Ah, the benefits of a ‘stable’ door into the kitchen!


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