Plump! {Flump…}

I received this beautiful sample skein of yarn from Sarah at Babylonglegs with our last delivery…


It’s ‘Mesmerino’ which is a DK weight superwash merino that is absolutely *divine*! I carried it around with me for a few days while I decided how exactly to ‘test’ knit it (well, it would be rude not to wouldn’t it!!) and came to the conclusion that it was begging to be transformed into a snug, warm hat for Autumnal walks across the marsh with leaden skies the perfect backdrop to compliment its amazing ‘shades of grey’. For that is the name of this delightful shade – the photo above is a bit ‘blue’ having been taken with my ancient iPod camera!

I settled on ‘Plump’. A pattern from the new Amirisu collection that I stumbled across being ‘favourited’ all over Ravelry. A garter stitch fabric with an interesting construction and a quirky shape, it seemed like the perfect match for my squishy skein of grey… so I cast on.


And ta-da! Just four days later it’s ‘finished’ …


With just a little yarn to spare! And as I hoped, showing off this yarn to its full potential. The garter stitch allowing the amazing tonal variation to sing out with every little ridge & bump…


Now… you’ll notice that I haven’t got as far as breaking the yarn and weaving in the ends…

This, my friends, is because as I neared completion I started to sense that this might be quite a large hat. Now, I have quite a large head, hats are often too small, or at least pretty snug so I didn’t worry too much. As the pattern provided for two sizes – Small-Medium and Medium-Large – I had carefully measured my head before casting on to confirm, as suspected, that I do indeed have a large head and would need to knit the Medium-Large hat to accommodate my 22″ head circumference – and only just at that!

When I began to suspect that the hat was a big’un, I measured my tension. “What?” I hear you cry, you didn’t knit a swatch before you started? Well, no, I didn’t. I figured that it would take almost as long to knit a gauge swatch as it would to knit the hat so I just plunged straight in. I can hear the tutting and “told you so’s” from here but, my readers, hold your tongues….

measure3 measure2

My gauge is absolutely spot-on! More spot-on than I think it has ever been before! Both stitch and row gauge are identical to those specified in the pattern notes. So it should fit perfectly yes? Actually, it should be a little on the snug side as my head is technically right at the top end of the size range for the M/L hat…

(I even remeasured my head and it really is that big!)


Well, all will be be well then surely…


Look, it’s perfect! Aside from those pesky holes that I should have closed by picking up the wraps from my ‘w&ts’… the pattern didn’t specify and I chose to follow blindly rather than trust my knitter’s intuition!

plump4 Oh well… not to worry. I can pick up the wraps and close those pesky holes when I re-knit the hat…

For it is indeed much, much too big 😉 As I walk it slides slowly down my (big) forehead and sits snuggly over my eyes…

I’m not sure quite why it is too big. The gauge is right, the finished hat does measure up to the schematic in the pattern notes and my head really is big. It’s a mystery…

Anyway, while pondering the mystery I’ve already turned the ‘finished’ hat back into a ball of yarn…

ballI will re-knit it. In fact, I’ll be casting on again this evening because I think it’s a great hat. I’ll be knitting the Small-Medium size, possibly using a smaller needle size as well. Because, although my gauge was ‘perfect’ it was unwashed/steamed and as this is superwash wool I would expect it to grow when washed.

Will I knit and wash a gauge swatch before trying again? Probably not…

I should also add that I’ve completely fallen in love with the yarn which is amazing to knit with and creates a fabulous fabric. I’ll be placing a big wholesale order forthwith and plan to squirrel away at least one sweaters-worth for myself 😉

ps. the ‘Flump’ referred to in the title is indeed a reference to the kid’s TV show that readers-of-a-certain-age will surely remember fondly. I called to mind one of these little fluffy hat-wearing creatures as my ‘Plump’ slid slowly down over my eyes. I’m pretty sure ‘Pootle’ had a hat that did the same in an episode I last saw in 1977 😉

One thought on “Plump! {Flump…}

  1. What a shame. I just measured my head because I could and haven’t done before. Now my head is small and all hats are usually too big. But my head measured 22 inches too. So maybe there is another dimension to be considered? The yarn looks delightful. Good luck next time.

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